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Fun French Tutoring

Why learn French?

French has long been considered a global language, spoken by over 275 million people globally. It is the fifth most-spoken language in the world, covering multiple continents including Europe (Switzerland, Belgium), Africa and North America. It is still one of the very few languages used to translate European trade documents. 

Since 2014, all children aged 7-11 have been learning a foreign language but as languages are not compulsory anymore for GCSE, the shortage of foreign language skills in the UK is now a permanent preoccupation. Employers report that they cannot find the necessary linguistic abilities among UK school leavers. With 123,000 pupils taking French GCSE in 2019, many feel that they need more support with their pronunciation, grammar as well as speaking and listening skills. As adults, life gets busier, and the brain finds it harder to absorb a new language. It is paradoxical that this decline in linguistic skills happened at the same time that a new generation of progressive Britons embraced cosmopolitanism and cultural diversity. Knowledge of French can improve our lives, such as an appreciation of literature, film or music; The famous “Charlemagne” once said that a new language gives one a new soul – something rather echoed by findings in neuroscience that suggest bilingualism allows the brain to look at ideas in a fresh way.

Now is your time to learn or revisit French.

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Why should you learn French

Client Testimonials

I highly recommend Safia as a French Tutor. Safia has been tutoring my daughter Victoria for year 7. Victoria started her tuition with Safia without any knowledge of French. Victoria settle in straight away. We are now at the end of the academic year and Victoria now writes French and has started to speak French. Victoria has been excelling in class and in her French exam grade. Safia is a very professional, experience, and easy-going person. Safia always tailors her teaching according to Victoria’s ability and understanding. Safia is a caring and patient teacher who thrives at building confidence in her student. Victoria enjoys her French tuition so much that she does not want to have any break during holidays and wants to go in to have some fun French lessons.

From Varouna, Wallington

Learning French is definitely fun (tres amusant!) with Safia. Having been a customer for 5 years, my conversational French has improved and confidence, all down to the teacher : patient and supportive.

Kaye Guest ,

My son has autism and ADHD and has always struggled with French but Safia has been an absolute godsend. In a very short space of time she has helped him monumentally and he has made excellent progress. Safia is very patient and supportive of my son and is fantastic with giving parents feedback. My son is normally reluctant to engage with tutors but he has a great rapport with Safia and is extremely comfortable with Safia, due to her teaching methods and she has worked wonders with him. His confidence in the subject is growing and it is all down to Safia’s hard work. Safia truly cares about her students and goes above and beyond for them and can be seen in all the effort she makes. Safia is very accommodating and as I parent, I can’t emphasise the difference she has made to my son. Safia is a rare tutor where teaching is not work but a vocation and she invests herself in her student; I cannot recommend her enough as a French tutor and am truly grateful for all her hard work with my son!

GCSE student in Sutton,